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Our (My) Story

A federal Law Enforcement officer closing in on 30 years of service,  I have also always had that "entrepreneurial spirit" and have had numerous sidelines throughout the years, some successful, some not so successful. But as perseverance is an important quality in being a good Law Enforcement Officer, the same can be said for anyone trying to be successful in business.  Back in 2005, the Mayerthorpe tragedy really affected me.  Then there was the Moncton shootings and more recently, Dallas.

The Thin Blue Line has become a symbol used by law enforcement. It originated in the UK but is now prevalent in the United States and Canada to commemorate fallen law enforcement officers and to show support for Law Enforcement  in general.  As the world seems to be becoming a crazier place to protect, we must continue to stick together and show our support for each other. 

There are tons Thin Blue Line items out there for sale but I decided to start an online store and 2 Facebook Pages (The Thin Blue Line Canada and Thin Blue Line America) grouping some of what I thought are the coolest items and putting them for sale on one site, a site for CANADIAN and American Law Enforcement officers, their families, friends and supporters.  We have a physical presence in both Canada and the United States and almost all of our items are shipped from either Canada or the USA, depending on where it is being shipped which mean no customs delays, outrageous broker's fees or duty to pay.

I also wanted to give back. A portion of proceeds from the sale of all The Thin Blue items will be donated to assist the families of fallen officers in both Canada and the United States.

Yes, you can find Thin Blue Line items on other websites, eBay and Amazon but do you know who you are buying from? When you buy from us, you can be assured that you are buying from a fellow law enforcement officer and that part of the proceeds will be donated to help the families of our fallen brothers and sisters. In addition, I promise to give you the best customer service possible because you are not only considered a customer or client but a fellow brother or sister.